DORP ready to sign up

Why DORP is settling in a week before WTTV18

In just over 4 months' time, the 6th edition of Welcome to The Village will be taking place. And a week before the first band's climbing on stage, our innovation program DORP will open its doors. Why, you ask?

Because the Netherlands needs to be completely circular by 2050. By then, waste is a valuable commodity, we won’t spill a drop of water anymore and all energy will be renewable. This is quite an ambitious goal, which cannot be realized overnight.

To come to a circular society, there’s a whole lot of work to be done first though. This takes time, and we think it best to just try things and to start small. About as small as a festival. Our festival. Because here too we visit the facilities in between shows, need to eat now and again, and want to charge our phones. We sleep, we travel to the Groene Ster and we need water. So what if we would do this sustainably, with the end goal of having a completely circular festival in 2022. We’ll be well on our way to the Netherlands being completely circular by then.

A week of development before we’re going into the fray

This is why DORP exists: it’s a place for students, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and other clever people to spend a week on a plethora of challenges. Last year we had people making insect burgers, a team building a prototype for a water-saving lemonade generator and a British start-up working on how to market a recyclable tent. So what we’re looking for, is basically things like this and whatever else you can come up with.

And then when the festival is open for all our visitors, these projects are tested on a live audience. Because let’s be honest: if you’ve been working on getting from an idea to producing an actual prototype, you definitely want to know if your plans actually can be put into practice. And if it turns out your idea is viable, it is so much easier to transfer your innovation to the real world (you know, outside of the festival). A sustainable future: bring it on!

Applications are open for DORP 2018

Applications for DORP 2018 are open and just about everyone is invited take part. Are you an experienced plumber, an ambitious real estate agent or actually a really good cook? Then DORP is something for you! You can join here.

So maybe you have this really bright idea for modular toilets, or have a prototype for something or other stored in your garage. DORP is the place to further develop these ideas. Want to examine the behavior of 150 people working in a hothouse of innovation? No problem. Sign up your project here.


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