Confirmed: Tusky and Borokov Borokov

Two last-minute additions to the #wttv19-line up

Welcome to a sympathetic Flemish mindfuck and a really hard punk rock party! With the last-minute addition of Borokov Borokov and Tusky (they replace Nilüfer Yanya), we complete our music program for realsies. Read and listen below what you can expect!

Borokov Borokov
Freak your dancemoves with Borokov Borokov: four Flemish people, each with a big lump of electro in front of them. With this army of driving synthesizers and hits such as ‘Roltrappen en Vorkliften’ en ‘Had Ik Maar Wat Meer Vakantie’, they get everyone moving. The Borokovs produce a pounding mix of genres such as Hi-NRG, punk, global pop, hardcore, lounge music and power ballads.


Tusky is all about ENERGY. Punk rock songs played tighter than Ian Thorpe’s speedo briefs. It’s not about complexity, it’s about banging your head, windmill-kicking through the room and just having good, clean fun. Or as they describe it themselves: “Foo Fighters and Offspring got married, then divorced, and now their angry child Tusky is asking for attention, well actually, demanding attention!”


Will you fight for freedom, in any form or shape? Do you want to raise a fist against violence against women? Then we call for you, to take part in the impressive and activist performance ‘RESISTANCE or the vindication of a collective right’.