In DORP we are creating a better world, together. In this seven-day innovation village, we will go on an adventure together towards a circular economy in 2050. Normally we start devising and developing sustainable projects that we immediately test in the field in mid-summer. But this year, a global epidemic put a stop to it. However, the future is not going to wait, and we are certainly not going to sit back and relax! That's why we're trading in the mini-society of Welcome to The Village for a DORP autumn edition at city festival Explore the North.


Work together with an interdisciplinary team to improve your concept or prototype in just seven days. You'll have full access to our coaches, workshop and network, so that after a week your project can immediately be field tested during the festival. These were the projects of DORP 2019.

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Innovation and sustainability. Wonderful words, we think. And probably you too. Not only do we think about it a lot, we also like to talk about it. But what we'd rather do is get to work on it. Because rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty, going from thinking to making and persevering - that's a challenge. One that makes us happy and one from which we know for sure that beautiful things will come out of it. Together we contribute to a sustainable world. Are you in?

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