July 11 - 17, 2022

In Dorp, we create a better world, together. At this seven-day innovation village, before and during the festival Welcome to The Village in Leeuwarden, we will embark on an adventure towards a circular economy in 2050. We devise and develop sustainable projects that we test right then and there, within a unique mini-society. We call that; Innovation on location!


Work together with an interdisciplinary team to improve your concept or prototype in just seven days. You'll have full access to our coaches, workshop and network. This year, we have some very exciting projects ready to be researched, tried and tested again!

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Innovation and sustainability. Wonderful words, we think. And you probably agree! Not only do we think about it a lot, we also like to talk about it. But what we'd even rather do, is work on it. Because rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty, going from thinking to making and persevering - that's a challenge. One that we love and that we just know will have spectacular results. Together, we contribute to a sustainable world. Are you in?

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