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Zenabu Asungo is the leader of a woman vocal and percussion group from Feo, in Ghana’s Upper East Region. As a young girl she gathered fame with her strong voice, she performed all over the north east region. Now, as a senior lady she and her group are often invited to perform at funerals and album launches but more even to do help with traditional work like farming and construction.

“We sing about that we don’t have money, so we made the group to support people, with work, if someone can not do their work alone, we come and support. We want everyone to come together, we should be one, together to help each other. We sing that some should not take alcohol, not smoke too much, because at the end that will cause fight in the market, at funerals and at all locations. We should stop that and all be together. We all need family life and care for each other.”

“Our group started almost thirty years ago. We learned the singing when we were building, plastering. When we work we sing, so all the women who come to work start singing. And then we made a group. Through work we learned the singing. We are from Feo, Bongo District.”