The Noord Nederlands Orkest’s usual MO is a collective output of its international crew of musicians. In Solo the tables are to be turned though, as now it’s about the powerful personal stories of its top musicians instead of about the collective. How did they end up in the Northern Netherlands from Japan, Germany, Spain and all those other countries and what do their journeys here look like? In Solo, they will share these stories. This is done via short solos written by three young and talented writers and directed by the theater makers of the Leeuwarden company Skoft&Skiep.Solo is a project of the multilingual platform Lân fan taal, Explore the North and the Noord Nederlands Orkest. Under the De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin's supervision, Lowie van Oers, Jante Wortel and Nikki Dekker have each written texts based on the personal stories of the orchestra's musicians. Aukje Schaafsma, Karel Hermans and Tatiana Pratley from theater company Skoft&Skiep directed the soloists as part of talent development track Station Noord. The project is a collaboration between Skoft&Skiep, Station Noord, Oerol, Tryater, De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin and Grand Theatre.