Jungle by Night, Wende and many more confirmed

Boys, girls and everything in between, we have a truckload of good news for you.

TWELVE new names for Welcome to The Village 2018, including a few real festival animals, some raw rioters and of course undiscovered pearls selected for you.

Jungle by Night // Wende // De Likt // Akua Naru // The Mystery Lights // Romperayo // Martin Kohlstedt // Bitch Falcon // The Folk Road Show // Repetitor // Shortparis // IDA KUDO

With great pleasure we also present our floor plan for this year. See how our new campsite shines!

You’ll also be happy about this: the whole (music) program so far looks like something to us from mouth watering. Would you rather listen than watch? Spotify is your best mate.


Will you fight for freedom, in any form or shape? Do you want to raise a fist against violence against women? Then we call for you, to take part in the impressive and activist performance ‘RESISTANCE or the vindication of a collective right’.