Campsite Update

Excellent news! We are finally able to tell you a bit more about our new WTTV campsite setup.

For the 6th edition of WTTV, we were able to make one of our own wishes come true, and that is a definitive go for our very own uber cool festival campsite. YES!

A campsite full of the good life, where you can eat and drink, and with its very own service station to help you through any hard times that may befall you during your stay. We’re very proud of this baby! The currency here is festival tokens and campsite tickets are available for purchase at our ticket shop. And the best news is that it’s only a 3 (THREE!) minute walk from the festival terrain to your sleeping space. So that basically means you can use all that energy that you would usually save up for getting back to the campsite to dance your feet off! So come and stay with us!

Are you parking a campervan? Awesomeness! Campervans are still directed to campsite De Kleine Wielen, as there are no facilities for campervans at the festival campsite.

Are you a fan of an optimal and restful night’s sleep, .i.e. that’s nice and all, a festival campsite, but I’d rather sleep in peace and quiet? The Quiet Campsite also remains at campsite De Kleine Wielen, tickets will be available soon.


Did you buy a campsite ticket already, but you’d rather stay at the Quite Campsite or are coming with a campervan after all? Then do get in touch, so we can sort this out together.


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