Terrie Ex

Part of Kologo Power

Terrie Hessels started playing guitar when he co-founded the Ex in 1979.  Kind of coincidence; it was the instrument no-one wanted to play. Some 2000 concerts with The Ex ever since.

Next to all The Ex releases, he started free-improvising at the very start. From a little guitarsolo on the Awara/Ex 7″ in 1981, till recent tours with Han Bennink or impro-groups Offonoff or LeanLeft (with Ken Vandermark, Andy and Paal Nilssen-Love).

Terrie drove a year along 21 African countries, with Emma Fischer, in  1996. They started the TERP label in 2000, for his own impro-projects and African Music. Produced Cd’s with ao Tsehaytu Beraki, Getatchew Mekuria, Konono No.1 and Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed. ( v=8ODoLtRA-kA