NL Première

Teddy’s Last Ride – The Others

three wicked aliens and their cautionary tale from the future

The Others is an electronic pop-spectacle that features some misfit aliens and their cautionary tale of the future. With other-worldly vibrato, vocalist Andy Smart leads the audience through chapters of his own heartache & loneliness, with the use of projections, dance, and club beats. Reflecting upon what makes us human, the power of vulnerability, and the value of light in dark spaces. Get ready: The Others have arrived.

Concept, music composition and regie: Andy Smart
Performers: Milan Schudel, Manuel Paolini
Music production: Mathijs van Til
Visual design: Peter van Til, Elena Popova
Light design: Marten Tieks
Sound design: Rinse de Jong
Costume design: Marrit van der Brugt

Special thanks to: Martin Lambeek, Koen ter Braak, Janine de Weerd

Why do we put this in front of you?
Teddy’s Last Ride is one of the most exciting young groups from the North and Andy Smart is perhaps the very best performer. This collective is building a unique style with which they bring together pop and art influences in an original way. And therefore a perfect match at our festival.
Last year they thrilled people with the performance Self-Accusation (in which Andy sang) and the raw dance solo THIRST on a sand mountain caused a stir. The Others is at the same time a pop spectacle and a vulnerable personal story brought in powerful songs.
Jonathan Offereins, programmer