MOHA – Dear Care

Vrijdag & Zondag
Art and care join hands

Dear Care,

For as long as I can remember, you have always been there. When someone was born, fell ill, needed an encouraging word or support. Also in the larger system, in the way everything works, rivers, air, heat and cold. You were and are a driving force in most things. You just work, often unnoticed, generous, no rewards needed: hidden in a hot lunch that you share, in a joke that makes us laugh when we are in pain, or in a “how are you” doing to those who never do is asked.

Dear Care is a collective moment to spend with Care. A performance, a game, an event. The occasion to celebrate the simple gestures we all do as part of the everyday of one another.

Why do we put this in front of you?
MOHA consists of the French Alice Pons and the Hungarian Olivia Reschofsky. In recent years they have developed many projects outside the theaters and museums. In the neighborhood, in an old hotel, with the municipality cleaning service, with shopkeepers in the Amsterdam Bijlmer. We find it inspiring with how much energy, care and originality they set up projects off the beaten track.

During Explore the North festival last November, they lived for a month in Nijlandstate, a cooperative service flat for the elderly residents of the city. They developed Dear Care through close contact with the residents. A very urgent conversation about how we treat each other in this world. Bring your parents, welcome all ages, positive discrimination at the gate for the 60+.
Jonathan Offereins, programmer