Ivo Dimchev – LIVE solo concert

Anthology from the oeuvre of a unique performer

Ivo Dimchev is a trickster, an extrovert change-agent, well known internationally for his performance works but also for his amazing voice and musical gifts. At the moment he is touring around the world with a new solo concert – a compelling live act with songs taken from Scultpures – his latest music album – combined with other songs that Dimchev has created across the span of his career as a choreographer and those that he has never shared with an audience.

Anyone who already experienced one of his concerts knows pretty well that his concerts are always unforgettable. LIVE solo concert is no exception to that. It is an extraordinary musical experience offered by a unique performer, songwriter and singer.

“His enormous musicality and remarkable vocal gift are part of all of his productions”

Why do we put this in front of you?
Anyone who has previously seen a performance by Ivo Dimchev knows that he is not only a strong performer / provocateur, but also combines a strong sense of musicality with an extraordinary voice. In Songs from my shows he brings live the original songs from his performances of the past ten years. By isolating them from the context of their performance, they get a new glow as individual compositions.
Jonathan Offereins, programmer