NL Première

Francesca Grilli – Sparks

Vrijdag & Zaterdag
How often do you completely surrender to a child?

“I consider any poetic image that breaks our normal imagination and creates hope a form of rebellion against central power. I consider it powerful and perturbing to be able to raise and form a child so that it conserves and safeguards marvel as a subversive thought.”
Francesca Grilli

Sparks creates a space where the usual power relationships between the child and the adult are inverted. The children become oracles, bearers of mystical knowledge, wielders of magical powers. They know your future, while you have no clue. It is an extraordinary space to experience.
You enter the space and witness a community of oracles – a group of local children who have studied palmistry and the art of divination. Their faces are hidden behind masks but you can hear their voices. How does it feel to have a child tell you your destiny?

Meet Francesca Grilli saturday at 16.30 at the DORP gesprekspodium.