The Mauskovic Dance Band

One hot party, this.

Festival terrain that’s more mud than grass after they’ve been, venues that turn into a hazy mess, and with each and every show, there’s more fans flocking to base. Jacco Gardner would like to introduce The Mauskovic Dance Band, established by Amsterdam-based Nicola Mauskovic; producer, multi-instrumentalist and drummer of Jacco Gardner, in association with none less than Eerie Wanda. You cannot NOT move when these sizzling afro-Caribbean beats are blasting through the speakers. Served with a large portion new wave and disco, this will be a gig your feet won’t forget any time soon.

The Mauskovic Dance Band is part of Jacco Gardner’s selection for Welcome To The Village. We asked him to bring along a couple of acts that are essential to him, so also get ready for Bruxas, Melange and L’Éclair