Vrijdag & Zaterdag & Zondag
Digital Aquatic Organism

Lily is a light installation that floats on the water surface. It’s inspired by complex patterns that exist in nature, such as schools of fish or flocks of birds. By using sensors every Lily is able to interact with its environment. The motion of the water, the temperature and the size of the flock all influence their observable behaviour. The Lilys make their own decisions, so they create light patterns that we are not able to predict, taking away the control of the artist. Nature is the host of the Lily and is the only one influencing them, allowing their behaviour to form in a dialogue between nature and technology. Every individual Lily makes choices. The choices of the individual are amplified by the flock. Looking at the organism as a whole, complex behavioural light patterns start to emerge.

The artist collective WERC consists of different teams working on various disciplines. Characteristic for the collective is their experiments with new media and techniques; they are always looking for new configurations and challenges. Their shared fascination is the connection that bridges the digital and the physical world. This connection is visible in almost all their work. The artist collective WERC consists of Joachim Rümke, Olav Huizer, Joachim de Vries, and Jelle Valk. It is located in Groningen. Examples of their various projects can be found at www.werccollective.com.