Catching Cultures Orchestra

Making music might be the best thing there is.

It’s a great way to just be yourself, to develop your talents, to have fun together and to learn from each other. Music is a way for people to connect, no matter how different their backgrounds or cultural traditions. And exactly that is the basic idea behind Catching Cultures Orchestra. Newcomers get the chance to make music together, to share and develop their music, and with it a chance to build a future in the Netherlands.

By making music with newcomers, the Catching Cultures Orchestra wants to give the music that lives in the hearts of people from all around the globe an audience. “We want to make different musical traditions and cultures accessible to people and give people, especially newcomers, who live in isolation a place to share and enjoy music and togetherness”.

Catching Cultures Orchestra currently has about 25 permanent members, with a core group that is 7 newcomers strong. And then there’s quite a pool of musicians from different backgrounds that play with us every now and again. Our musicians are people living in asylum seekers centers, newcomers with a residence permit and local musicians. Artistic director Hermine Schneider and financial director Roelof Wittink are backing the support team.