Festival info

How can I pay?

At the festival, we do not have any cash or tokens. You can only pay with your debit- or credit card. Super easy, fast and safe, but most of all it’s saves us the use of a lot of plastic. Winning!

Would you rather pay with cash? You can also get a temporary and anonymous card for €2,- which you can top up. And no worries, you can also the card together with your friends. Easy! So go and buy your friends a drink. Yes please.

Parking and transport

You can park your car at the festival park site. This costs €10,-. It doesn’t matter if you’re there for four days or one, but you can go in and out as much as you like. Electrical cars park for free, hybrid cars park at a discount: €5,-.

Even better: travel to the festival by bike, or public transport (exit at busstop Ouddeel). Or carpool!


Opening hours

Thursday, July 19th: 19.00 – 01.30
Friday, July 20th: 11.00 – 03.00
Saturday, July 21st: 11.00 – 03.00
Sunday, July 22nd: 11.00 – 00.00

Can I join the festival as a volunteer?

Why yes, you can! Click here to submit your application to volunteer (Dutch).

Wheelchair friendly?

Yes. The main walkways are paved and there are toilet facilities for the disabled. If necessary, our volunteers and crew are always prepared to lend a hand. In poor weather the grassy areas will of course be less accessible for wheelchair users. Any special requests? Send us an email and we we’ll be sure to work it out!

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! Entry is free for children 5 years and under. There’s beaches, a playground, lawns and lots of other kids, but no special program for children. Do not forget to bring protection for their tiny ears!

Is there a minimum age?

There isn’t one. Are you under 16 years of age? Then make sure you’re being accompanied by an adult.

There are special discounts for younger visitors, you can buy them at the ticketpage.

Alcohol and cigarettes are off-limits when you’re under 18. Have you just turned 18 and / or do people tend to think you are younger than you actually are? Then go and pick up an 18+ wristband in order to avoid having the same discussion over and over again.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

You are not allowed to bring your own food and drinks onto the festival terrain. You can bring your own water though (in a plastic or sports bottle). This will be checked at the festival entrance.

Of course you can bring prescription drugs. Still have questions? Contact us and together we’ll make sure to get it sorted.

Where can I find what’s what?

We’ll publish our festival site map over here. So you can click there.

Information point + lost & found
At the Information Point we’ll be able to address most of your practical questions and issues. This is also where Lost & Found and the lockers are located. Super practical!

There are large and small lockers for rent, located just after the festival entrance (the campsite has no lockers). You can activate your locker with a code which is valid for one day (we’ll show you how it works on-site as well). Please make sure you retrieve all your items when you leave the festival terrain at the end of the day, otherwise we’ll be doing that for you in the morning. The code will be reset anyway, so it won’t be possible to use the same locker-code combination for the duration of the weekend.

First Aid
There’s two First Aid stands at the festival grounds and one at the campsite. The First Aid stand also has a lactation room available for use. Check the festival map for more information.

Phone charging station
There’s a few phone charging stations dotted around the festival terrain and the campsite. During charging, you need to stay close though. Just try to see this waiting time as a mini-vacation, then it will feel like no time at all. We will let you know more about this as soon as we do. The festival does not assume responsibility for any damages or other unpleasantries.

As in previous years, our De Hoeve store sells Welcome to The Village sweaters, caps and bodysuits. With new designs!


Where does the festival take place?

Welcome to The Village takes place in De Groene Ster: a beautiful area, right outside Leeuwarden.

Here’s a Google Maps-link for you.

For your navigation: enter Simmerkrite 1, Leeuwarden
Public transport: take the bus and exit at Ouddeel – it’s just a five minute walk from there to our entry.


Where can I buy my ticket(s)?

You can buy your day-, weekend- and campsite tickets at our ticketshop.

When does the festival take place?

Welcome to The Village takes place from Thursday, July 18th until Sunday, July 21st.

Get in touch!

Questions? Send an email with your question to info@welcometothevillage.nl. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us via social media in case of any questions or comments though. You’ll find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there space for my camper on the campsite?

How much does a weekendticket cost?

How much does a single day ticket cost?


When does the campsite open?

Open: thursday, July 19th: 13:00
The campsite closes on monday July 23nd, 12:00 PM.

So where’s this campsite at?

This year the campsite is located closer to the festival terrain, as you can see here.  As the campsite is managed by us now, prices for a campsite ticket have gone up a bit.


Are you parking a campervan? Awesomeness! Campervans are still directed to campsite De Kleine Wielen, as there are no facilities for campervans at the festival campsite. Tickets are available here.

Are you a fan of an optimal and restful night’s sleep, .i.e. that’s nice and all, a festival campsite, but I’d rather sleep in peace and quiet? The Quiet Campsite also remains at campsite De Kleine Wielen. Tickets are available here.

So these camping tickets, how does that work?

Every campsite visitor needs a wristband for the campsite, so buy a campsite ticket here and you’re set. And don’t forget to bring along your ID!

Please note: Every campsite visitor needs their own campsite ticket! A KarTent or camper / caravan ticket will only get you a camper / caravan pitch or a place to sleep, so this ticket is not a people ticket.

Entry to the festival for kids 5 and under is free, so kids’ entry to the campsite is as well. From ages 6 and up kids need a regular campsite ticket.

I’d rather sleep at home, or at least in an actual bed. How about it?

This year we have again managed to get an excellent deal with the WTC Hotel. From just EUR 59.50 a night you’ll be sleeping like a (minor) rockstar, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast and sleep in. This deal includes shuttle service to and from the festival terrain by the way!

Sounds good? Then place your reservation via the WTC Hotel website. They’ll also be able to help you out with any queries you might have.

Where to buy camper tickets?

Yeah, about that … So this year we’ll basically be running our own campsite (hurray!). However, we won’t have facilities for campers there. Luckily, our friends at nearby campsite De Kleine Wielen will welcome you and you camper with open arms. Find out more and book here.

Welcome to the Village


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