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Sustainable urban sport roof

The Municipality of Amsterdam has a strong focus on sustainability. They want to be fully climate adaptive and have solar panels on any available roof. Besides that they want to be climate neutral and circular. The strive that fits Dorp very well!


Amsterdam is a city where sport and movement is intertwined with everyday life and where sport and movement facilities are around every single corner. It is a city with a huge variety of sport and movement possibilities and suppliers.De Sportvision of 2025 has nine pillars, where number two has a specific focus on sustainability: ‘Amsterdam will persevere base quality of Municipal sports accomodations and develops active hospitality at her own accommodations. Investments in current and new Municipal sports accomodations are sustainable.'

Context of this project

A new sports roof is soon going to be realised in the area "Amsterdam Zuidoost" on a new to build parking garage. The design of the sports roof is already there, but there are several sustainability aspects that needs attention. The sports roof will contain a lot of different sports, for example soccer and basketball but also urban sports like free running.The challenge for the Dorplings: how can we make the free run parcour more sustainable without losing the quality of the sport? Think about heat stress reduction, biodiversity, climate adaptation and gaining energy sustainably.

The conditions:

  • The roof has to be inclusive; the Municipality wants that athletes with disabilities als can join.
  • The innovation has to fit in with the design of the roof of the DNK
  • It is on top of a roof, so we have to keep in mind that it is a place with heat stress and wind.
  • Free running definitely is a part of the sports that will be attended at this roof. So keep that in mind.

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