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Sustainable showers at the swimming pool

People shower too long at public swimmingpools and this causes a waste of energy and water. The Municipal of Amsterdam asked Dorp for help!

The public pools try to solve this problem to decrease the warmth to save energy and let people pay with coins for showering to reduce the time they shower, but this leads to a worse experience. When people go to the swimming pool they expect that they can shower. It also leads to less people taking a shower before swimming, so the cleaning system of the pool has to work harder to keep the water clean. This is contraproductive. At Dorp, we want to find out what we can do to keep the nice experience but also reduce the energy consumption.


Sustainable showering

Amsterdam is the city of canals, the ‘IJ and Amstel, lakes and pools. A true watercity. Besides the presence of this water in our living environment, the water- and swimsports are important leisure activities for many inhabitants of Amsterdam and helps with a sporty and healthy lifestyle.

The swimming pools of Amsterdam are an important facility to the total of leisure and sportive possibilities to the inhabitants of Amsterdam. The Municipality guarantees the availability in- and outdoor swimming pools throughout the city.

A downside: swimming pools are massive energy consumers. The heating and cleaning of the water and getting a pleasant climate in the buildings costs a lot of energie. The target of Amsterdam is to make all swimming pools energy neutral by 2030. They need to be heated with residual heat, have solar panel on their roofs and must have the most sufficient isolation to reduce warmth loss.

Conditions of the challenge:

  • The solution may be found in a technical solution, but the Municipality rather sees a way to show it in a social matter.
  • The solution doesn’t have to be swimming pool specific. It can be a solution that works in general. Think about showers at festivals and sport clubs. The problem exists there as well.More informationfor more information you can send an e-mail to dorp@welcometothevillage.nl.