Innovation and sustainability. Wonderful words, we think. And you probably agree! Not only do we think about it a lot, we also like to talk about it. But what we'd even rather do, is work on it. Because rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty, going from thinking to making and persevering - that's a challenge. One that we love and that we just know will have spectacular results. Together, we contribute to a sustainable world. Are you in?

Whizzkid, student, carpenter, top salesman, good vibes creator, chef, future psychologist, entrepreneur, savvy scientist or artist; we all come together to share our knowledge, skills, visions and work on the circular economy of 2050, together. Are you ready to contribute to a sustainable world? Then you are a Dorpling.

Show it! Everyone can contribute to Dorp. Heard enough and ready to commit? Apply now!

What we do in Dorp

In Dorp, we are working on circular challenges the week before Welcome to The Village festival. In teams, we devise, develop and build smart innovations that you will test in the field during the festival.

Innovation on location. Cool, right? And don’t worry, as a Dorpling, you’re not on your own. We give you the space, physically speaking because we give you a place to go crazy. That means, among other things, a well-equipped workplace, with power tools and 3D printers for prototyping and developing concepts. But we also give you space to develop yourself. We offer coaching, workshops and top experts to fill your head with new ideas and insights.

From experience, we can say that Dorp is, above all, a lot of fun. Not only do you gain tonnes of knowledge, but you also get to know a lot of great people who are fighting for a sustainable world with equal amounts of passion as you. And of course, there is more than enough time to enjoy the festival.

Become a Dorpling

Ready to save the world with us at Dorp 2022? Sign up as a Dorpling and work with your team for seven days to create a more sustainable world. Devise and develop innovations for the circular economy of 2050 this summer!

Would you like to learn more about the Dorp projects? An overview of the last projects can be found here.

Please note: your presence at the Dorp kickoff (Saturday, June 18th) and the full Dorp week (Monday, July 11th up to and including Sunday, July 17th) are required to participate in Dorp.

Do you still have specific questions? We understand. Ask your questions via

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