Everything you need to know about the campsite

We will be running our own festival campsite this year. Yas! Here's all you need to know about this. 

Every campsite visitor needs a designated campsite wristband, so you just have to buy a campsite ticket and you’re all set. Don’t forget to bring along your ID!

Please note: Every campsite visitor needs their own campsite ticket! A KarTent, Festipi or Rechargers ticket will only get you your accommodation, so this ticket is not a people ticket. Are you bringing a camper / caravan or would you just really like to sleep in relative piece and quiet? Then you can book a pitch on the campsite De Kleine Wielen’s website.

Entry to the festival for kids 6 and under is free, so these kids’ entry to the campsite is as well. From ages 7 and up kids need a regular campsite ticket.

Food and drink at Welgelegen

  • Daily breakfast at our fancy new breakfast lounge!
  • And yes, we’ll also be serving your morning beer here.
  • A campsite beer is priced at €1,-
  • And if you manage to bring a six-pack Kornuit to Welgelegen, you can exchange these for a six-pack cold ones at the bar.

YAS! We have managed to secure a brilliant location for our lovely new campsite.

NICE! Prepare for awesome. How about a very restful and beautiful place to sleep? Click here and discover our truly excellent campsite accommodation options.

Resort Welgelegen is the place to sleep like royalty at Welcome to The Village, with KarTents, Festipis and more. So no endless lugging around your camping stuff and pitching your own tent for you, my friend. Basically, the only things you need to bring, are your personal belongings. Already bought a ticket? No problem: Upgrades all the way, babe!

There’s also some do’s and don’ts in force at Camping Welgelegen. This because this is mandatory by law, and because Welgelegen is a good place to be and we want to keep it that way. So the rules are as follows:

Wear your wristband. Without it, you won’t be allowed onto the campsite, no matter how good your puppy dog eyes are.
Clean up after yourself during the weekend (so putting your trash in appropriate containers and bags), as this’ll save you a lot of work come Monday.
Bring your own beer. But do limit it to 1 tray p.p. and be smart, bring Kornuit.
Take this general guideline to heart: Don’t be an asshole.

Take your vehicle to the campsite.
Have an open fire, use fuel or have a lit barbecue. This is prohibited, as tents tend to be quite flammable. The same applies to fireworks and Chinese lanterns.
Bring and use a power unit / generator. These will be switched off immediately (by us), as use of these is not allowed.
Bring a switchblade, an ax or other weapons.
Play amplified music after 23:00 hrs (11 pm).
Bring glassware to the campsite.
Urinate in public, treat other people’s property disrespectfully, or block paths / passageways.
Have drugs on you whereof possession and use is prohibited by law. At the campsite, Dutch national legislation is in force.
And as a general guideline: Don’t be an asshole.

Open from: Thursday 19 July 12:00 hrs (12 pm)
Closing at: Monday 23 July 12:00 hrs (12 pm)


Two last-minute additions to the #wttv19-line up

If you think that the music of our Eastern neighbours is all about folklore or the so called balkanbeats, well, you’re about to be surprised!