We view Welcome to The Village as a temporary miniature society, in which we think it’s important to organise things in a logical and smart way. That’s why we dream aloud about what our festival should look like in the future. It will be fossil-free, waste free and we will understand exactly where our food is coming from. And if this dream comes true at our festival, it should be able to work in society at large as well.

But before we can sustain ourselves like that, we’ve got a massive amount of innovation to undertake. It’s very hard to find enough alternative energy sources to replace our aggregates (fueled by diesel) for example, or to find a suitable destination to reuse our waste. Because if you’ve found a new purpose for your garbage, it stops being garbage.

In DORP, this is something we are working on. Long before the festival takes place, we work on solutions for problems in sustainability with entrepreneurs, scientists, students, artists and other smartypants. Possible solutions are tested at the festival straight away. This year we’re also energy neutralising our stage Blessum. And there’s more, all of the projects we are working on in DORP are explained here.

Welcome to The Village is also affiliated with Innofest, a consortium of festivals that grant entrepeneurs the liberty to test products and ideas, to develop them or realise them.