Village Council

Every village needs a council. Its members are always available and ready to provide us with their help and advice, whether or not we asked for it. De Dorpsraad is our council. It consist of entrepreneurs and businesses who are valuable to us because of their network, expertise and financial support.

We finance Welcome to The Village with revenue from ticketing, food and drinks, our own coffeebrand and additional support from funds and the government. However, we’d like to create some more certainty by looking for sponsors and gather friends for multiple years. Friends who think along with us and contribute financially and by giving us honest feedback and advice. We ask our councilmembers for a yearly fee, in exchange we share our network and four weekendtickets per member. We like showing your support in our communication: on this website and at the festival site.

Do you want to join our council or receive some more information? You can send an email to

  • Academie voor Popcultuur
  • Alibi Hostel
  • All Above Security
  • Artitude
  • BKB | Het Campagnebureau
  • Bouma & Vastrick
  • BWH Ontwerpers
  • Coffee Central
  • Crystalic
  • D’Drive
  • De Doelen
  • De Rus
  • Fossiel Vrij Friesland
  • Frisian Design Factory
  • FRL Post
  • Frysklab
  • GH+O
  • GO180
  • Grendel Games
  • Keunstwurk
  • Leeuwarden Studiestad
  • Mas Outreach
  • Melein Investments
  • MHB Showtechniek
  • NDC Mediagroep
  • Online Media Koffer
  • Pixl Online Marketing
  • Rotshuizen Geense
  • Speciaalbiercafé De Markies
  • Stenden University
  • Strikwerda & Smit
  • Tussendoor Marketing
  • Verno
  • WeThink Next
  • Wiersma Tentenverhuur B.V.
  • WTC Hotel