Sven Hammond

Well we just HAD to call back this guy. 

Imagine you’re Sven Figee. You’ve been a staple of the international live-scene for over 10 years
now, always accompanied by your roaring organ. A howling, noisy, wheezing Hammond organ,
with an intoxicating blues-rock sound. And time and time again, you manage to evolve as a
musician and to renew your sound, even after 5 albums, with your band of brothers: Jared Grant
(vocals), Tim Eijmaal (guitar), Joost Kroon (drums) and Glenn Gaddum Jr. (bass). So yeah, end
boss central here. They’ve definitely earned their spot at Welcome To The Village, where we
deeply love love love that dirty Hammond sound. A sound that goes back to its roots on Sve Hammond’s latest record: authentic, raw, pure and no concessions towards trends and
conventions. Su-per-cool.