Lithuanian supertrio will kick your butt

shishi are three punky women who decided to start trying to play instruments they can’t play. It turned out OK because they sound like the Clash and the Stranglers on holiday together.This band likes to make noises and push agendas, so their latest release “Hush” is about being ignored and silenced by an oppressive partner, about psychological bullies who use touch to manipulate and control people in selfish ways. The obvious next step was to film a video with pandas bears in it, at dawn, with explosions and home-baked krosonens. It’s true that there is no such thing as a krosonen, but the band says they are good for breakfast if you know how to make them. One more thing – if you are afraid of heights, bassist Dominyka recommends looking deep into the eyes of a wizard.

Now you know everything about “Hush” and hopefully you will find it as confusing as life itself.