Oscar Jan Hoogland

Vrijdag & Zaterdag
Part of Kologo Power

The enfant terrible of the new Dutch impro scene, Oscar Jan Hoogland  sprung onto the Amsterdam landscape approximately a decade ago, at the forefront of the latest group of improvisers to arrive and simultaneously uphold the tradition of New Dutch Swing even while

tearing it apart. Having studied both piano and composition at the conservatorium, Oscar is possibly most notable for his fearless ability to use any and every influence as stimuli for improvisation and  experimentation. Piano may be his main instrument but he is often seen performing on a variety of old synths, a highly customized electric clavichord, guitar, turntable, voice, toys… His projects show the  diversity of his interests including anarcho-free improv trio Eke, the psychedelic Turkish dance band 69 Ay, the Phonograph Orchestra, impro-pop band The Job, the Bakfietsband which performs on the back of a bicycle, as well as ensembles that link him directly to the history of Dutch improvising, such as The Ambush Party or his duo with legendary drummer Han Bennink.

Oscar Jan Hoogland represents the so-called “fourth generation” of Dutch improvisers, in the lineage of Misha Mengelberg, Guus Janssen and Cor Fuhler―smart pianist/composers with an itch to make music that cuts across genres, who don’t take themselves so seriously, but whose whimsical music has real bite and brainpower.

Oscar Jan Hoogland studied jazzpiano at the Conservatory of Utrecht HKU with Bert van den Brink and composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague KC with Gilius van Bergeijk and Cornelis de Bondt. Current bands are EKE, The Ambush Party, The Royal Improviser Orchestra, The Phonograph Orchestra, Chris Corstens Kwartet, trio Hoogland | Austbø | Baggiani, solo electric clavichord, [dB]danceBand, de Bakfietsband, Voiceover, Duo Han Bennink/Oscar Jan Hoogland and The Job.