Club Gewalt presents: Herr Hamsterfleisch und Band: WIR SIND AMAZONE

One hell of a tribute to Nina Hagen

In this ecstatic theatrical concert, Herr Hamschterfleisch und Band (five performers from the Rotterdam Club Gewalt) went to Lesbos, where cries of deliverance from the woods are heard. A forgotten woman gives birth to a new identity. She sheds her old skin and comes to them again as a warrior. Her hands are fused with bow and arrow. Primordial forces pump through her veins as she goes to battle with other amazons. Get seduced by inflammatory guitars and deceptive Sirens.

Why do we put this in front of you?
With their ode to Nina Hagen, Haar Hammsterfleisch grabs the microphone to sing a tribute to the female body. This legendary singer puts everything in to let us go from the oppressive.
Jonathan Offereins, programmer

Concept, music and performance: Loulou Hameleers, Robbert Klein, Amir Vahidi, Sanna
Elon Vrij en Anne van de Wetering
Tech: Joris van Oosterhout
Business management: Rick Mouwen
Special thanks: Annelinde Bruijs, Suzanne Kipping en Gerty Van de Perre.