Claw Boys Claw

Claw Boys Claw playing WTTV: let's be honest, that was about time.

These living legends have been pumping their unique and raw sound through many a speaker over these past few decades. The core members of CBC are Peter te Bos (vocals) and John Cameron (guitar). The band released eight full-length albums between 1983 and 1997. After some years of inactivity, the band started playing live again in 2007 and released an album, Pajama Day is on 13/07 every 2 years. Claw Boys Claw established a reputation for its exuberant and energetic live shows—in the Dutch press, Te Bos is often referred to as a “stage beast.” They never attained much commercial success, and a venture into the American market was unsuccessful, but many of their albums are critically acclaimed.