human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality

Welcome to a gender-blending, booty-pounding, perversion of punk fully equipped with an arsenal of ferocious music intertwined with raw moments of strained intimacy and fiery stank.

Reports from live shows describe distressed choreography. macabre scenes involving butt plugs tied to bouquets of balloons being released from the singer’s arse, intimate and bizarre confessionals, wardrobes styled from the forgotten scraps of society, and heated communication on the state of the world as we know it.

CHRISTEENE is also accompanied by an impressive collection of music videos released through the performer’s longtime collaborative efforts with award winning filmmaker and cinematographer, PJ Raval, as well as other guest directors such as Matt Lambert.

Ever the provocateur, CHRISTEENE shows us what it means to go hard in the face of those who seek to destroy you. The Artist’s radical and all-inclusive queer vision continues to express pure force and emotion against an increasingly dangerous and politicized world that repeatedly tries to compartmentalize, homogenize, and classify…striking down heteronormative structures in the queer, artistic, and outsider communities with an aggressive push to preserve rituals and languages, and allow for the outcast and marginalized to gather, celebrate, and mobilize their voices, identities, and sexualities.