Skoft & Skiep: Parttime Paradise

Vrijdag & Zaterdag & Zondag
Who has been at the Brunchbingo last year, knows that you can’t get around this new act of theatre group SKOFT & SKIEP. This year SKOFT & SKIEP takes you on expedition to Parttime Paradise: a living installation, where you, as amateur anthropologist. will encounter the ultimate festival experience as you’ve never seen it before. A cycle of different themes forms the base of this half hour expedition, in which even the unexpected context gets a surprising twist. Join this guided tour in the morning, afternoon or evening, but make sure you’re there on time! Only 15 people can join the expedition at once.Theatre group SKOFT & SKIEP is formed by three northern theatre producers: Karel Hermans (Veendam, 1989), Aukje Schaafsma (De Veenhoop, 1991) and Tatiana Pratley (Leeuwarden, 1985). SKOFT & SKIEP makes performances with a documentary and expressive character, in which the daily and social meaning of life take centre stage. Each performance zooms in on a different phenomenon of meaning within a characteristic habitat.