The biggest buzz around a band from the UK is all on Shame: one of the most fascinating bands right now. Literally everyone is talking about the Londoners and their razor-sharp sound packed with compelling post-punk. The band is making a big impact with debut album Songs of Praise getting rave reviews: setting their own course, going against the hype. This five-piece is in their early twenties, but sounds as if they are releasing decennia of pent-up frustration through the speakers. Last year Shame made quite a splash at Eurosonic, and this year they're making good on that promise by totally stunning their audience, performance after performance. This summer, witness the hype at WTTV18.Check this lovely quote by 3voor12: "It's a band that, at a very young age, is setting their own course and not following the hype. The track The Lick is about how everyone is making music to please. It's an ode to doing and creating things that just have to be done and created, whether there's an audience for it or not."