Close your eyes and enjoy this

As soon as spaceship Melange has lift-off, there’s no coming down any time soon. Get on that spaceship to seventh heaven for a head-nodding, feet-tapping, shoulder-rocking experience. These sexy Spaniards provide a mix of wonderfully psychedelic grooves with influences of folk and otherworldly vocals. At the end of last year these four friends released their album Viento Bravo: a progressive record filled with hypnotic guitars, catchy bass loops and fresh riffs. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a space odyssey heading for bliss, which you can enjoy with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Here comes the summer!

Melange is part of Jacco Gardner’s selection for Welcome To The Village. We asked him to bring along a couple of acts that are essential to him, so also get ready for Bruxas, The Mauskovic Dance Band and L’Éclair.