Chagall is an Amsterdam-born, London-based electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer and early adopter of the gloves interface. Her music combines soulful vocals, heartfelt harmonies and lyricism with heavy but constrained electronic production. Chagall's live performances are a physical manifestation of her electronic productions, using the movement of my body to directly render the music live to audiences.In 2014 Chagall joined the gloves development team in search of a way to perform her mostly ‘in the box’ created music live that would be more captivating than pushing buttons and sliders. Early 2015 she composed her first glove song “Sappho Song” - a piece inspired by female ancient Greek poet Sappho in which an otherworldly choir keep changing key subtly.In her futuristic audio-visual live set with gloves and effective choreography Chagall controls all electronic layers, vocal effects and interactive visuals with the movement of her hands. Early 2017, with the support of the Arts Council England and through residencies at Somerset House and Westminster University, Chagall produced her new mesmerising show ‘Calibration’ that she is touring through the UK and Europe in 2017/2018.With over 60 performances at e.g. SXSW, Amsterdam Dance Event, TEDx, Latitude Festival, STRP, Dutch Design Week Music, Ableton Loop, Sonar +D, Boiler Room, Green Man and Nesta Futurefest Chagall is one of the most experienced users of the technology to date. She is also one of the 5 UK representatives of the PRS Foundation Keychange programme, an initiative empowering women to transform the future of the music industry by showcasing, speaking and collaborating at festivals in Europe & Canada in 2018. Chagall is currently an artist in residence at De Effenaar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands working on various projects using new technologies like VR towards immersing audiences in music experiences.