The brainchild of Jacco Gardner and drummer Nic Mauskovic

Bruxas. Well-executed space jams born in Portugal, baptized in world music and raised on funky electro. Bruxas was more of an accidental project than a deliberate creation though. The duo was planning on jamming in Portugal at Jacco’s dad’s house, but they’d forgotten the hi-hat. So by necessity they started experimenting with a drum machine and 10 days later this unrestricted and varied masterpiece emerged. The acclaimed EP Más Profundo is groovy, easy to dance to and a really excellent listening record. On stage Jacco and Nic are joined by Jungle by Night’s percussionist Tienson. Dance, baby, dance!

Bruxas is part of Jacco Gardner’s selection for Welcome To The Village. We asked him to bring along a couple of acts that are essential to him, so also get ready for Melange, The Mauskovic Dance Band and L’Éclair.