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Off-grid charging of electrical boats

As part of the energy transition also leisure boating should make a change to another way of propulsion either through hydrogen or electrical. The first pleasure yachts have now been electrified and even certain brands intend to offer only pleasure boats with an electrified propulsion within a few years. The municipality of Sudwest-Fryslân asked Dorp to help with this energy transition for leisure boats. Nice challenge, isn't it?

This also requires an adequate infrastructure which makes it possible to charge these pleasure yachts at set times throughout the provincie of Fryslân. This comes with a whole set of challenges, because of the climate goals and the energy transition more and more house holds are choosing to forego fossil fuels and get a higher energy demand because of it. This causes energy companies like Tennet to have to pause in connecting new companies or new residential areas. The client therefore asks you to come up with an off-grid charging solution for pleasure yachts.
The challenge is to develop and come up with a working prototype for an Off-Grid energy charging station – energy buffering and charging infrastructure for recreational craft, taking into account that it can function completely independently of the current electricity grid, can function in one of the many wetland nature reserves in Fryslân and that without disrupting this nature.

Conditions of the challenge:

  • In terms of design, it should blend in with the environment (placed wherever)
  • The design must consist of 100% bio-based material, recyclable and circular
  • The design must be modular in order to increase the chance of application.
  • The charging time should practically match the user’s wishes (for example: charing during the night)For more information you can send an e-mail to