Welcome to the first announcements!

And it's eight beauties: Eefje de Visser, Temples, Sports Team, Pregnant Guy, Dool, Penelope Isles, Gotu Jim and Sylvie Kreusch will perform at Welcome to The Village next year.

Dancing, swooning, jumping and discovering
Dark drums, dreamy synths and a catchy, sultry sound. Eefje de Visser shows a more electronic sound on WTTV20, still quirky and compelling, but at the same time more danceable than ever. Her fourth album (Bitterzoet) will be released in early 2020. The British band Temples will be on our stage this summer with their fresh psychedelic rock. Hot Motion – their latest album full of energetic and robust psychock songs – is full of tasty guitar riffs, catchy melodies and super thick grooves to dance to!

Sports Team already has a lot of supporters behind them, thanks to their crackling indie rock and crazy live shows. With a mountain of energy and catchy anthems, they conquer festival after festival. The Flemish rapper Zwangere Guy is pouring out his whole heart – straight from the mic to deep in your soul. Golden honest hip-hop, sensitive and yet rock-hard: no emotion is shunned. DOOL from Rotterdam is occult, morbid, melodic and catchy at the same time. The sludgy riffs rub against psychedelic metal and the chilling vocals by Ryanne van Dorst (Elle Bandita) have a wonderful creepy vibe.

If ears could be mouth watering, they would do so at Penelope Isles. The fuzzy dreampop with a psychedelic edge gets a tailor-made injection fuzz, which results in exciting live shows for you to dream away to. Autotune poet Gotu Jim brings a big fat party to Leeuwarden! This unlikely superhero could have been your favorite grandson if such vulgar texts were not to come out of his mouth. With possessed dance moves, Sylvie Kreusch brings her solo project full of African rhythms, influences from the sixties and seventies and cinematic guitars to Leeuwarden. Expect a sultry performance, theatrical and impressive.

How does all of that sound? Check the program page for detailed descriptions and click here for the WTTV20 playlist on Spotify.

After a flying start – the “First Few” sold out in no time – the Early Bird tickets (€ 79) are also flying out of the shop: they’re almost gone! After the Early Birds, the tickets are available at a regular rate: € 87 for the entire weekend. So you better score that discount while you can.


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