Join the impressive, activist performance of LASTESIS

Will you fight for freedom, in any form or shape? Do you want to raise a fist against violence against women? Then we call for you, to take part in the impressive and activist performance ‘RESISTANCE or the vindication of a collective right’.

LASTESIS is a feminist art collective from Valparaiso, Chile. They convert complex matters into catchy lyrics and combine these with art, sound, graphics and fashion design.

On 2019’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, LASTESIS performed ‘The Rapist is You’, in home country Chile, a lively and impressive street protest containing song, music and dance. Together with thousands of others they make sure the message is understood universally: stop violence against women! The video of the performance went viral, and ‘The Rapist is You’ became more than a performance, a message of protest in the whole of South-America, and after that, the world.

Some women performed blindfolded, others wearing a green scarf (as a symbol for the battle to legalize abortion). Some women performed in festive dresses – to emphasize on the right to wear make-up without having to be scared of attacks – and others even did it topless, to gain back the autonomy over their own bodies.

The Welcome to The Village performance will be a premiere, it is the first time LASTESIS will perform in The Netherlands and we are super excited and honored to meet them and work with them on the festival!


Who are we looking for?
We search for approx. 40 women or people in the Queer-community who would love to participate in this collective performance. All ages, genders and bodies are welcome.

What will you do?
You will work on the performance ‘RESISTANCE or the vindication of a collective right’, together with LASTESIS. The performance is based on and inspired by the ideas of Judith Butler, Maria Lugones and Paul B. Preciado, philosophers who study gender, feminism, identity and sexuality. During the creative workshops that are leading up to the performance you will learn about these theories, but there is also room for personal stories and experiences. The result of these workshops, the final performance will be shown at Welcome to The Village.

With these performances, LASTESIS aims to spark conversation about a life free of violence, something every human being in every part of the world has a right to. That is why we make a fist, together!

We ask you to be present at the creative workshops to participate in the final performance. These workshops will be held on July 12, 13 and 14 in Leeuwarden. The presentation of the performance will be on Friday, July 15th in Harmonie Leeuwarden, during Welcome to The Village, at 21.30h. You can register via this form.

Specific information about the workshops will be received after registration.


Our programmers are on a roll! After announcing epic rockers De Staat last friday, we welcome seven more awesome additions to the line up of Welcome to The Village 2020! Amongst those: Oh Sees, Kevin Morby and Cate Le Bon!