Ivo Dimchev is canceling his #WTTV18 performances owing to family reasons

Ivo Dimchev has canceled. Chagall and Ariah Lester will be replacing him.

Very sad news: Ivo Dimchev has had to cancel his shows at Welcome to The Village,

as his father isn’t doing very well. Due to his current state of health, Ivo is staying with him to take care of him. We wish his father a speedy recovery and Ivo and his family all the best. Ivo was to perform with his show I-Cure and a give live solo performance at our festival. Luckily, we managed to find a replacement for each of these slots, so welcome to Welcome to The Village, Chagall en ARIAH LESTER! More information on these acts can be found here: Chagall / ARIAH LESTER or check out the videos below.



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