Farmer looking for poop

Fides Lapidaire (social designer) started building a food truck to educate people on that they have dry-toilets that are able to get to poop into a compost that farmers can use on their lands. But they need to also solve the social issues, people don’t like to talk about their poop and certainly don’t see the value. Can you show the true worth of poop?

LocalWise & Studio Lapidaire

LocalWise helps to realize ideas for local water, sanitation and energy facilities: design, advice, courses, project supervision and sale of do-it-yourself packages. Many projects are in collaboration with partners. We are working on a society where we can enjoy a collaboration between people, nature and technology. LocalWise is an initiative of Fedde Jorritsma.

As a Social Designer, Fides Lapidaire designs new ways to look at and tackle social issues. She uses her creative ways of thinking to discover alternative perspectives together with those involved and to propose concrete actions from there. It is her conviction that the creative repertoire can play an important role in shaping society.

The true worth of poop

One of the problems world wide is that we get many nutrients and minerals out of the ground into our food, but this supply is limited as long is we don’t close the circular loop. We don’t get all the nutrients out of our food and dispose of them again on the toilet. Our urine and feces then end up in the sewer that ends up at the water treatment plant. The nutrients and minerals that they filter out will be burned because they are no longer useful when mixed with other wastewater streams..
At the other end of the story farmers in the Netherlands still using unsustainable fertilizers and in many parts of the world suffer from soil degradation because of a lack of nutrients. Therefore it should be very important to get our urine and feces on the farming land again to close the circular loop and get some more use out of our poop!

Within this challenge we want to make people aware that their feces are not some kind of garbage that we need to dispose but that our feces are really valuable for our food supply. LocalWise and Fides Lapidaire asks the DORPteam to get awareness to the people on the value of poop and how much needed it is in our food supply.

Conditions for the final product

  • Should be part of the food truck
  • Should not stick out of the food truck in driving modus
  • Should happen at the toilet
  • Should be circular

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