Circular Ice Cream Cart

De Jong's IJs wants an ice cream cart that's able to generate its own electricity and possibly be able to save its energy. The difficulty for this challenge is that the ice cart should be able to handle the peak of electricity use when the freezer starts cooling. We would like help with building the first co2 neutral ice cart which is totally self sufficient when we have a whole day of sun.

De Jong’s IJs

De Jong’s IJs is one of the most sustainable ice cream manufacturers of the North of the Netherlands, Co2 neutral and almost fossil free. They sell ice cream at supermarkets in and outside the Netherland but also at festivals like North Sea Jazz, the RAI Amsterdam, Walibi Flevo, Lowlands, Down the Rabbit Hole, Keukenhof and many, many others.

A circular off grid ice cream cart

To sell their ice cream the company build some ice cream carts that also function as a freezer. This is a small freezer on a cargobike. This cargobike uses electricity and this is what they want to change. Because of course you want to sell circular ice cream from a circular ice cream cart.

Conditions for the final product

  • You should still be able to cycle the cart around, this means that it needs to be able to stand on the bicycle wheels.
  • The freezer box is a standard size, De Jong’s IJs will provide the measurements and technical data.
  • The cart should be able to cool for at least 6 hours.

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More information

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