Chewing Gum Recycling

SJIEK wants to use DORP to develop a product made out of recycled chewing gum. They don’t want the chewing gum to end up with the rest of the trash because it can be a useful resource for certain products. But they don’t have enough knowledge to figure out what they can make with the old chewing gum and would like to ask this of the DORPlings.


SJIEK started as a studentproject at HOWEST in Belgium. Roel and Jeroen decided that is was time to do something about the trash problem that is chewing gum in our society. Especially if you look at how long it takes to decay, around 20 – 25 years.

What can we make from chewing gum?

They made a trashcan especially for chewing gum. This to help cities build a stickyless environment. And a world without all the black chewing gum marks, so we can see the world back in all it’s glory. They’ve been working on it for about a year. Now they’ve come to the point where they or going to test it on big scale by lots of people. But what to make from the chewing gum that’s collected on the special chewing gum trashcans.

Conditions for the final product

  • The endproduct must be made out of chewing gum.
  • It must be a useful product, not another gadget.

Come see this project on DORP

The DORPlings work hard on this challenge throughout the week. Are you a Welcome to the Village visitor? Be sure to come and take a look here at the DORPisland.

More information

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