Bee Hotel

Design and build a prototype for an Omrin bee hotel, which can be placed on Ecopark de Wierde, on environmental streets, with (underground) containers, perhaps at your home and / or at random places within municipalities.


Omrin is a collector and processor of waste. They do the collection for more than 180,000 households in 16 Frisian municipalities, 3 municipalities in Groningen and more than 7,000 companies. They do the processing for around 800,000 households and many companies. Omrin makes every effort to recover as many raw materials as possible from waste and to produce sustainable energy.

A bee hotel

Omrin recently signed the bee pact and are actively working on more biodiversity at Ecopark de Wierde, for example, sheep are are walking around at the landfill. Without biodiversity and circular economy no strawberries on your bread. This assignment came from the biodiversity project. Omrin bee hotels can give Omrin a completely different look and help them become more than a waste processor. Waste (think of a negative odor) and flowers (think of a positive smell) can reinforce each other. It is also expected that by placing bee hotels near containers, the behavior of people will also be influenced, so that less waste is dumped around containers.

Conditions for the final product

  • all building materials should come for as far as possible from waste products and must be easily available so that the bee
  • hotel can also be built “in series”;
  • the product can be built by Caparis employees;
  • it is a robust product;
  • it can be easily placed;
  • it is clearly recognizable as an Omrin bee hotel;
  • make a plan about what the surroundings of the Omrin bee hotels should look like, such as flowers, etc. but bear in mind that space is limited in many places (think of underground containers, for example);
  • think of a plan how this product can be “commercially” marketed;
  • indicate which service / service is appropriate to build a community around it.

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