Hi there! It’s a good thing you’re coming to our festival. Foremost, it’s a good thing you’re reading our house rules. According to Dutch law we have to include a list of rules, so here you are. By entering our festival terrain or by buying a ticket you agree to these house rules. Naturally, we’ve made them as fun as possible.

Take care of each other and yourself

To experience a great festival we need to treat each other well. Partying, getting a bit crazy and painting the village red is more than okay with us, but please consider others around you. Also: be aware of the sun and alcohol. Regularly use sunblock and don’t drink till you drop - no one will benefit from you if you’re in a catatonic state. Drink water every once in a while and make sure you eat on time.

Getting wet isn’t fun, except when the weather is scorching hot. Take an umbrella if it’s raining, but always mind the people standing behind you. Opening an umbrella right in front of a stage is everything but considerate. Umbrellas can be confiscated if they cause trouble, and unfortunately we don’t have a special spot to keep them for you.

Our festival terrain has not been built for you to use for climbing and clambering. Do not climb onto gantries or into tents. We don’t want to end up giving an interview stating that it has been a black day because some idiot fell from the top of a tent. Seriously, we’ve all worked way too hard for that.

Weapons: you must be kidding. Do not bring any. If you feel the need to, this festival isn’t the place for you - and you aren’t the person for us.

Keeping it clean

The Groene Ster is a beautiful nature and recreation area. During Welcome to The Village, we want to make sure it is disrupted as little as possible. That’s why we have a number of projects focused on sustainability, we’re careful with the environment during set-up and dismantling, and we gather the ingredients of our Village Salad from our own festival garden. It may come as no surprise that we ask our visitors to think and act the same way. Please tidy up after yourself and keep the grounds, beaches and water clean.

Our rules concerning graffiti and vandalism are quite clear. Whomever gets caught will be handed over to the police by our six-foot-six security guards. Damaging or plastering the place isn’t nice. And kinda stupid too.

Flyering and putting up posters is not something we appreciate. We aim to keep the grounds free from clutter and disturbing visual elements.

Drinks & drugs

Under eighteen? We will not serve you any alcohol. If our bartenders doubt your age (and you are old enough) you can get a wristband at our information desk after showing your ID.

You are not supposed to bring your own food and drinks, but it’s no problem to bring water in a plastic bottle. This will be checked at the entrance of the festival terrain. At the campsite, a proper breakfast and some excellent (really: excellent) coffee will be available every day.

Unfortunately, Dutch law prohibits you from drinking alcohol outside of our festival grounds. Walking to the German border could be a great workout, though. Staying at our campsite and not feeling up to a lengthy international hike? No problem, you’re also allowed to drink at the campsite.

The police in Leeuwarden regularly checks for drugs. Carrying more than the legally allowed amount of soft drugs is prohibited, just as carrying any hard drugs. Whomever gets caught with hard drugs risks being removed from the festival and the campsite.


Nero, Fluffy and Pookie are not allowed to enter our festival grounds. The same goes for pets with other names. They wouldn’t enjoy the loud music anyway.

Technology and such

Taking pictures and shooting videos is great! Putting the results up on our Facebook page? Even better! We are not legally liable for damages, should they occur. We will take pictures ourselves and use them for reports and promotional material. Should you encounter images of yourself you absolutely do not agree with, send us an e-mail and we will solve it.

There are several charging points for phones on the festival terrain and on the campsite. Keep in mind that you’ll have to stay with your phone yourself. Imagine yourself on a miniature holiday from the festival bustle and time will fly by. Remember, we are not legally liable for damages or other nasty stuff that may happen to your personal belongings.

All of the above rules are binding. Offenders risk having to hand in their wristband and being removed from the festival terrain and/or the campsite.

Have a good time!