Village laws!
Every village has its own laws and rules. As a matter of fact, every festival does too. And that's mandatory. By purchasing a ticket you agree to our house rules. Click here to read them (it’ll be fun, scout's honour).

When is the festival?
The festival takes place on Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July 2016 at the Groene Ster, a nature and recreation area near Leeuwarden.

When are the festival grounds open?
Friday, July 15th: 2 PM - 3.00 AM
Saturday, July 16th: 11 AM - 3.00 AM
Sunday, July 17th: 11 AM - 11.59 PM

How do I get there?
The festival takes place in recreational area the Groene Ster, just outside of Leeuwarden. Check out the location via Google Maps. Grab your bike or catch the bus and travel from station Leeuwarden – you might as well save yourself from going through the hastle of parking. There will be enough special festival buses travelling from the station to the festival terrain, clearly marked / easy to find.

Check out all the bus times, traveling to and from the festival, from Friday to Sunday.

Do you insist on driving? Consider using Snappcar. Use the code ‘welcometothevillage’ to get a nice discount! Click here to check out this (Dutch) carpool platform. If it’s your first rental, you’ll receive another €20 discount bonus.

Another convenient option: our shuttle service! Park your car at the WTC Hotel (Heliconweg 52) in Leeuwarden. From there you can catch a shuttle to and from the festival terrain. Costs: €17,50 per person per day, including 24 hour parking and a shuttle service return. Eager to use this service? Be sure to reserve your spot by calling the WTC via +31 58 233 4990.

What time is my favorite band playing?
Click here to check out our programme and full line-up; click here to see the time table.

Is there a minimum age?
Nope. But be sure to bring an adult to chaperone you if you’re younger than 16. You will not be able to buy alcoholic beverages and cigarettes if you’re younger than 18. Are you 18+ and do you still questioned about your age when you buy alcohol or cigarettes? We have 18+ wristbands. Get one; explain no more =].

Can I bring my kids?
Absolutely, children up to 6 years get free entrance. There’s a playground, beaches, large grass areas and probably a lot of other kids to play with.

Can I bring my camera?
Yes. But only if you post the pearls out of your festival weekend collection on our facebook page! Don’t forget to hashtag #villagephoto.

Is the festival terrain wheelchair friendly?
Yes. The central pathways are paved and there is also a disabled toilet. However, if the weather is bad, the grass areas will be harder to use. If you have any specials wishes, please contact us by email. 

Where can I sleep?
You can crash at our campsite, or in a hotel.

Can I bring my camper or caravan?
Yes, if you’ve bought a ticket for it.

Are there lockers at the festival terrain?
Yes. You can rent big and small lockers. You'll find them right after the entrance on the festival terrain. A small locker costs 1,5 coins per day; a big locker costs 2 coins.

Are there lockers at the campsite?

How far is the walk from my tent to the festival grounds?
About fifteen minutes. If you bring your bike, you’ll be a lot faster.

Can I park next to my tent?
No. You can park your car in various parking lots. It takes about fifteen minutes to walk to the campsite from these parking lots. But the walking route is very nice - and we simply can’t make it any shorter.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?
There is plenty of amazing food available at the festival, so leave your own food at home. Naturally, you’re allowed to bring food to the campsite. The camping also offers locations where you can get a good cup of coffee, toasted cheese and more. Yum!

Hydrating yourself is very important, be sure to drink plenty of water. You can buy a special Welcome to The Village - Join the Pipe water bottle at the village shop or at one of the bars. Fill it free of charge at one of the three water tap points on the terrain, or at one of the toilets. Our tap water is excellent, it has mineral water quality!

Can I bring my medication?
Of course! If you’re unsure whether your medication will be allowed onto the festival terrain, please contact us.