Campsite Welgelegen

A place you’ll want to crash at, even beforehand. We kid you not: Campsite Welgelegen is truly one of the most beautiful campsites. Welgelegen is open from 10 AM on Friday, July 15th to 12 PM on Monday, July 18th.


Every visitor needs a campsite wristband to enter the campsite, which can be obtained by buying a campsite ticket. Don’t forget to bring your ID!

Attention: all campsite guests require an individual campsite ticket! By ordering a KarTent, tipi (sold out!), pod (sold out!) or camper/caravan ticket, you’ve arranged for a place to stay during the festival, not for the people crashing there.

Kids up to six years are granted free entrance to the festival and free entrance to the campsite. From seven years onwards, normal campsite tickets apply.

Food and drinks at Campsite Welgelegen

To guarantee an excellent beginning of your day, we will serve breakfast, excellent coffee (or tea) and orange juice at the campsite. Leave your cash at home, because the campsite restaurant only accepts festival coins. Which you will be able to purchase there too, by the way.

There is a camping store available on the campsite terrain. Nothing fancy, but quite handy in case of emergencies (not run by us, cash only!).

Good to know

You cannot park your car at the campsite. Parking attendees will tell you where would be best to park on the festival parking lot. We will transport your luggage from the parking lot to the campsite, which means you won’t have to drag around your camping equipment. This service is made available to you on Friday, Sunday and Monday.

The distance from your tent to the campsite is covered by a 15 minute stroll; if you want to be quicker, you should bring your bike. You can stall your bike at the entrance of the campsite, the last bit to your tent is for pedestrians only.

There is no power at the regular campsite, but there is power at the camper site, in the tipis and in the pods. You can charge your phone at the festival with a little help of banana peels (we kid you not).

Even Campsite Welgelegen has a set of do’s and dont’s. Because we’re obliged by law and because we want to keep Welgelegen as relaxed as possible. So please do, and please don't:


  • Wear a wristband. Without one, you will not be permitted to enter the campsite. And yes, we are quite insensitive to puppy dog eyes.
  • Grab a flyer with loads of practical information handed out at the campsite. Very handy indeed.
  • Follow the designated walking route and be aware of other people and your surroundings. Other areas of the campsite are used by people who are not visiting the festival, so they are probably not enjoying the same YOLO mindset you might be.
  • Use the silent campsite (ask for ‘stilte camping’) if you need the quietest spot around to get a decent night of sleep.
  • Make sure to let the kind people of luggage transportation take your stuff to the campsite, preventing hard physical labour.
  • In general: be kind to each other.


  • Don’t drive your mode of transportation onto the campsite. Only do so if you brought a camper and are in possession of a camper ticket.
  • Bonfires and BBQ’s are not allowed. Tents are too much of a fire hazard. Surprise: fireworks are also not permitted.
  • Aggregates – do not bring them and do not turn them on. We will turn them off, because they are not allowed.
  • Blasting electronic music after 11 PM. Please don’t.
  • Disrespecting other people’s property isn’t nice, blocking pathways is inconsiderate, don’t pee on or in places you are not supposed to pee on or in. You know the drill.
  • Drugs that are normally prohibited are also prohibited at the campsite. Dutch law also applies to the campsite.
  • In general: don’t be unkind to each other.

Sleep tight!