Welcome to The Village: 21 - 22 - 23 July 2017

A place that you’ll be homesick for

From 21-23 July 2017, Welcome to The Village is the most beautiful small village of the Netherlands. A village we want to create together, with a very talented international musical program, good and sensible food and an eye for design. The program to date includes Franz Ferdinand, Black Honey, Mighty Oaks, Spidergawd, Blaudzun and 60 more acts. Ticket sale for the festival has already started. 


Check the official aftermovie here.

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About Welcome to The Village

A small village with large ambitions. During the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 in New York, a list with 17 Sustainable Development Goals was drafted by 193 world leaders. These goals are the source of inspiration for Welcome to The Village.

With our festival we want to challenge you to investigate new initiatives by means of performance art, visual arts, social design and an innovation program. How? By being part of our mini-society. Welcome to The Village is a transient free state where there's room for trying out experiments, initiatives and products for a sustainable society. This is the place where you can enjoy excellent new music, but also partake in the various experiments being carried out by our knowledge partners. In short: a visit to our festival means you're music enthusiast, sponsor and guinea pig, all rolled into one festival-fancy package.

For us, Welcome to The Village goes on, even when the summer has ended. We are in operation all year long and work in partnership with dozens of communities, knowledge institutions, companies and over 600 volunteers in order to realize our objectives. We are absolutely positive about working with cultural entrepreneurs, scientists, newcomers, novices, seniors, Individual Pupil Funding Scheme students, thinkers and go-getters working on long-term solutions for our festival and the world around us. We are a platform for new sounds, visions, ideas and experiments. Pop is our bedrock, but Welcome to The Village also is a festival exploring the possibilities for a better world. This is a festival that aspires to be more than a 3-day event.